Gaining more traffic to your blog or website is harder than you may think. Gone are the days when there were a few bloggers, and not every company had gone online. Today, we live in a fast paced world where everyone wishes to increase sales through their content. While there are many ways on how to increase ecommerce sales, but it all starts from boosting your traffic. To help you get started we have listed down a few ways you can increase traffic on your blog or website.

Post Regularly & Post Authentic Quality Content

You may have heard that it is essential to post on a regular basis. However, what you may not know is that you need to post quality content. Posting content that lacks or is a replica of cotentin already available will drop your ranking. So rather than focusing on quantity its best to post one quality piece per day.

Share Posts on Social Media

Once your article/blog is up your second step should be to share it on your social media platforms. If you do not have pages on social media accounts, you can even share them from your personal account. Making sure you get visitors rolling your way, and if you are lucky get a massive response from social media.

Research You Titles & Keywords

Before you start writing your piece, its best to come up with a few titles. Your second step should be to research your titles and find out related keywords. Choosing the highest ranking keyword we suggest you create a title that specifies exactly what you have to offer. For instance, if you are writing on the benefits of honey – you should consider titles such as “Top 10 Benefits of Consuming Honey ”. letting your readers know that they will find 10 benefits of honey through the article.

Stick to Your Niche

Shooting content in every direction does not get you the increase in traffic you need, rather sticking to your niche can help you boost your website on the whole. Think of it this way, rather than offering bits and pieces of information on various industries. You can become a hub for a single industry. Making sure you establish yourself as a reliable source for the industry in no time.

Include Quality Photos

Adding a quality photo makes all the difference, but you need photos that support the topic in hand. Keep in mind that each image you add offers the reader a little break from the content, while keeping them on the right track. This is a great way to keep them going, and make sure they read through the entire piece.

Include Hot Keywords & Links

Hot keywords and links are a great way to ensure a boost in traffic. They can help add on-page SEO and get you the attraction you need. While keywords are more focused on the content itself, links on the other hand are another story. It’s best to add one in-bound and one outbound link to every article/blog you post. Additionally, we suggest you choose reliable links that can help you increase your credibility and gain more attraction to other pieces posted on your website.

Add A Sharing Button

Add a sharing button at the end of your content so readers can easily share the piece with others. It is best to add buttons based on social media platforms, and even add an email share link for old schoolers. The more the piece is shared, the more traffic you will get. Making it a necessary addition that can help you get as much attraction as possible.