Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms available today, making it a great place to hold your own. However, what good will your voice be if you only have a handful of followers? To help you out we have put together a point system that can help you gain more attraction. Keep reading to learn how to get followers on Twitter fast!

1. Share Relevant Information – One of the best practices is to share relevant information on Twitter. Keep in mind Twitter is an extension of who you are, and what you say will stay there forever. This is why we suggest you think before you type, and only share relevant information. It can be anything that matters to you, as there are no limits when it comes to freedom of speech.

2. Post Visual and Written Content – While Twitter is all about tweets, but there is a reason why it allows you to add photos and images. Posting visuals along with the content can help you gain attention. Imagine scrolling through endless text, and all of a sudden an image captures your attention.

3. Tweet Consistently – When it comes to Twitter it’s all about sharing your opinion. However, there has to be a balance between sharing your opinion and rambling. Striking the perfect balance, and keeping your tweets to the point can ensure you get some attraction. Additionally, when sharing your views on a matter we suggest you link a reliable source along with the tweet to add more information for readers.

4. Interact With Others – Tweeting is a great idea, but Twitter is a social platform that encourages conversation. This is why rather than just tweeting, we suggest you take part in some conversations. We do not suggest you start an argument everywhere, but giving your two cents on matters that are close to your heart is a great place to start. This way you can get more attraction to your Twitter page, and even gain some followers in the process.

5. Other Channels – If you are new to Twitter, or have struggled with gaining momentum on Twitter then it’s best to get some added help. Choose other platforms where you do have a social media profile, and start sharing and linking your Twitter to those accounts. Again moderation is key, as you want it to be a subtle invitation, not a forceful follow. This is the only way you can ensure that your followers are active and will engage in the content you share.

6. Micro-Influencers – Getting yourself noticed by making solid points is easy, and the best way is to make these solid points when in communication with micro-influencers. Grabbing their attention, and getting in a discussion with them can get you a great deal of followers. Additionally, if you are a company or brand getting in touch with these micro-influencers can help you get your brand noticed by others.

7. Followers Campaign – Along with organic efforts it’s best to run a followers campaign. With a followers campaign, you can promote your account and target the right audience for your brand or corporation. These ads are based on followers, and only charge when you gain a follower based on the advertisement. Think of it as a learning process, one that you can perfect with time.