Making an account on Instagram may only take you 5 minutes, but getting followers takes a while. A frustrating process that can be made easier if you only follow a few tips and tricks. These easy-to-follow tips can help you get more followers on Instagram in less time. Making sure you can make your mark on the online world!

How To Get Followers on Instagram
Post Consistently & At The Right Time
While there is no doubt that consistency is the key to success, one thing that you didn’t know about Instagram is that it’s all about time. You may be posting consistently, and offering great content.

However, until and unless you are posting at the right time, you are going to lose out on a great deal. The reason behind it is that users are following hundreds or thousands of accounts and getting noticed is slightly more challenging. This is why you need to figure out when your audience is active and post content based on their timings. Generally, the best time to post content is during lunch break around 11 am to 1 pm, or in the evening from 7 pm to 9 pm.
Initiate Conversations & Respond to Comments
Posting engaging content is a great way to gather a great deal of attraction, but why stop there when you can get in touch with your audience. One of the main reasons why you should attempt to answer everyone in the comment sections is to ensure they are being heard.

Connecting with your audience one on one makes them a loyal follower, one that is ready to stand in your support for years to come. All you have to do is engage, and you will maintain a wonderful social media presence.
Compelling Captions & A Creative Content
Using the same caption and tags for all your posts will not get you anywhere. While Instagram is a picture-based social media platform, that does not mean your audience is not paying attention to the caption. To make sure you add a creative and compelling post and tag we suggest you play around a little.

You can start by posting question-based content, recommendation requests, offer a personal story, tag a friend or family member, or share a photo with your followers. Anything that allows them a sneak peek that goes beyond closed doors. Remember, even if you are a well-established brand, social media is all about getting on a personal level. One that opens closed doors, and lets the world see who you are.
Refresh & Optimize your Instagram Bio
Your bio is the first thing users read when they visit your profile, which is why it needs to be as impressive as everything else on your Insta page. This is why it’s best to choose a clear profile image, offer a link in the bio, add contact info, and use simple language.

There is no need to go over the top. Your bio should be minimal and impressive. Nothing extra or something that sounds like a robot wrote it. When you sit down to write down your bio, think about how it’s your homepage, and what is the first thing you want to tell your followers.
Promote Your Insta Profile Beyond Instagram
Once you have set up an Insta account, we suggest you link it to other accounts. For instance, you can start adding a link to your emails, add a quick click to your website, or any other platform you may use. Letting your current audience know that you are available on Instagram